Employees are people who work in your Movie Studio.



Photogs loiter around the front gate of your lot.


If your Star is doing something newsworthy, dragging a photographer nearby will show a camera-with-green-checkmark icon on the Star, who¡¦ll benefit from the shot.


If the Star isnt doing anything newsworthy, a camera-with-red-x icon appears.

Photographers don't work for your studio but rather for the trade papers that cover the movie industry. Still, they are regular fixtures on your studio lot and are important servants to your Stars' ratings and, as a result, your studio ratings.

Photographers appear in numbers that reflect your studio's rating. The higher your studio's rating, the more shutterbugs will park themselves near the studio gates.

Since photographers are always stationed near the studio gate, pressing Space key will take you right to them when you need their services.

These journalists, if they can be called that, are permitted on studio lots at the studio head's (that's you) indulgence. Therefore, they don't wander looking for shots but rather shoot exactly what you command them to. Since all publicity is good publicity, all photos positively affect your Stars' Star rating.They all affect a Star's Mood,too, but not always in a desirable direction. Some photo events will damage a Star's Mood even as they boost Star rating.

When a Star is engaged in a photo-worthy activity (see the "Star Mood arid Rating" chapter for details),grab a photographer from the front gate and hold him or her over the Star you wish to have photographed. The Star who'll feel the effects of the photo displays a camera icon with a green check mark, Left-click to drop the photographer, who will take the snapshot and hurry off the lot. If a photo-worthy moment involves two Stars, only the Star who shows the good camera icon will receive the photo's press coverage. Thus, before you drop the photographer, be careful to choose which Star you want to benefit from the photo's publicity,



scientist are hired at the laboratory


Labs can only employ six scientists, only four of whom can work in any single room.

Scientists research new facilities and technologies, and they are hired by dropping applicants into any room in the Laboratory facility (available in 1928). You can hire up to six scientists to work in the four research rooms. Only four scientists, however, can work in any one room. ^

Scientists gain individual experience (visible in their Staff cards) over time with every job they perform. The research speed increases with experience.

When a new research pack becomes available, scientists are not automatically assigned to it unless they¡¦re already working in that room. If you really want your research to be cutting-edge, you'll have to do some micromanaging to keep your scientists busy on whatever's available.



To speed the writing of scripts, put multiple writers on the project.


Scriptwriters are hired by dropping them into a genre office or the script pool (if a script is already underway).

Scriptwriters produce the screenplays in the various automatic scriptwriting offices and are hired by dropping applicants into any room in any Script Office (except Reject/Fire, of course).

A new studio should need only two scriptwriters. This should last you for quite some time even if you¡¦re constantly producing scripts. If, as your studio matures, you¡¦re producing a large proportion of high-star scripts, the longer writing time may require you to enlarge the writing pool.


The more scriptwriters a studio has , the more it can dedicate to a single project.the more writers that toil away on one script , the faster it’ll be produced .
Although Script offices can produce scripts of any genre , they can only produce one script at a time , regardless of how many scribes are assigned to it . To write multiple scripts simultaneously,you'll need not only enough writers to make it worthwhile but also more than one Script office .
Scriptwriters gain individual experience ( visible in their Staff cards ) over time with every job they perform . The more experience a scriptwriter has , the faster scripts will be completed . Scriptwriter experience has no bearing on the quality of the script .