Memory (メモリ) is a 1987 Japanese Science Fiction Anime film directed by Imiya Katsumori. The film focuses on the 54 year old wife and her 18 year old daughter trying to find their lost father, who is held captive by M.O.T.H.E.R.S.H.I.P and her Genjobo units. The film has received positive reviews in Japan and was the most successful movie in 1987 for Japan. It was redubbed for the American market in 1990, with mostly positive reviews.


Japanese Voice Cast

Sara Katsumori as Ana Mihama

Minami Mizuhara as Ryoko Mihama

Hirao Minegeshi as Ikuya

Kira Notsuboro as Sasuke Mihama

Sakura Kasukabe as Misao Moshimoto

Mayumi Rokonno as Ayano Sawaki

Aki Henza as M.O.T.H.E.R.S.H.I.P

Mako Henza as Genjobo Unit 1

Kimura Kiko as Genjobo Unit 2

Kai Takino as Genjobo Unit 3

English Voice Cast

Teresa Whitmore as Ana Mihama

Lisa Knouth as Ryoko Mihama

Juliann Gardner as Ikuya

Lance Burns, Sr. as Sasuke Mihama

Karen Gardner as Misao Moshimoto

Robin Moore as Ayano Sawaki

Lisa Anka as M.O.T.H.E.R.S.H.I.P

Frank Griffin as Genjobo Unit 1

Paul Stevens as Genjobo Unit 2

Miao Inn as Genjobo Unit 3


Memory was suggested to be a failure due to the unexpectedly high costs the director had to make. When Imiya Katsumori shown the movie to the critics of Japan, they unanimously praised it. The Movie first ran in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagasaki, Japan on March 23, 1987. It was a box office success in Japan, and swept the 1987 movie awards in Japan. When the English Dub was presented to the critics in America, their main concerns was around Teresa Whitmore's acting. Despite this, the film managed to gross $58 million in America, $200 million in Japan, and $145 million around the world, making a total of $403 million worldwide.