Islands/Lawrence III Prologue/Lawrence III capture MoltresEdit

Opening titlesEdit

Arrival in the Orange Islands/Rivals! (japanese)/Pokémon world (english)/Stormy/Mysterious Island/Strange Weather/Island NativesEdit

Melody's Flute/A Prophecy Restated/Lawrence III/Weather News Report/Rough Boat Ride/The Fire Island/Sails Away!Edit

Lawrence III/On the Fire Island/Zapdos appears/Lawrence III capture Zapdos and Ash and his friends and Team Rocket/Ancient Prophecy Revisited/Ocean Currents/Lawrence III set free Ash and his friends and Team Rocket/Lawrence III goes to capture Articuno/News reportEdit

Lawrence III's ship/Legendary Birds Freed/Lawrence III's ship stops on Thunder Island/Escape from Lawrence III's ship/Lugia Appears/Lugia Joins the Fight/Ash Heads Off to Save the World!Edit

On Route to Ice Island/Pokémon Reinforcements/Lawrence III capture Lugia, Ash and Pikachu/Lugia destroys Lawrence III's ship/Lawrence III's defeat/Misty rescues Ash and his PikachuEdit

The Heartbeat of the PlanetEdit

Ending filmEdit