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The Movies is a business simulation game created by Lionhead Studios. The Movies is in fact more than a game: it's also a software tool for exhibiting your creative side, something that is thankfully becoming more and more challenged as movies evolve. Although it appears (and plays) in the style of The Sims, there's a lot more room for fun and a lot more control over your subjects' specific actions.

Since it's launch The Movies has sold millions of copies and many awards including the BAFTA for best simulation game in 2006. It was so popular that Lionhead Studios produced The Movies Online, a portal for players to view and upload their videos and comment and rate other players. The game is used in machinima and is built so mods can be easily added to the base game. It also has one expansion pack named Stunts And Effects - introducting new sets and scenes, stuntmen and stunts.

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This wiki is for the video game called "The Movies". If you would like to create your own fan fiction movies, please visit the Movie Fanon Wiki. If you would like to read information about officially-released movies, visit Moviepedia.

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